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Church And Religious Groups

If your worship group is looking for safe and reliable transportation at affordable rates, Empire Coach Line has the solution for you.

We are aware of the unique needs that church groups can have and our team of faith-group specialists is more than willing to extend a hand to help carry out your travel needs. Whether you need church transportation for a choir concert, a mission trip or a retreat, trust Empire Coach Line for comfortable, safe transportation without stress and on time.

Safe And Reliable

Church transportation, or getting people in and out of multiple church services can be problematic. Many churches and Synagogues offer off-site parking with shuttle bus service. Empire Coach Line can provide shuttle bus services for churches in our new Transit Buses. These are high capacity buses capable of holding up to 72 passengers with standees or 42 passengers seated only. They are designed for quick entry and exits. Call us to discuss your bus rental needs and keep your congregation worry free.

Have Faith In Us

Just A Few Reasons Why Many Choose Travel With Empire Coach Line

  • Motorcoaches are the perfect way to extend the retreat by traveling together where the ministry can continue even on the road
  • Arriving as a group eases worrying that everyone will make it on time
  • Eliminate the possibility of people getting lost
  • Simplify parking nightmares and traffic issues

Anywhere, Anytime, Or Any Place, You Can Have Faith In Us

Pastors and Youth Leaders have trusted Empire Coach Line for their group trips. Whether a local trip, statewide, or nationwide for overnight, or over days or weeks, you can rely on us for planning and executing a safe and unique ground transportation experience. We feature ample storage for luggage, tools, and even musical instruments. Visit our fleet to see the wide range of luxury Motorcoaches and amenities available to your congregation or group when you charter and rent with Empire Coach Line. We keep our passengers engaged.

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